Monday, January 16, 2012

Sleep over at the Sun Stone apt 19

Sean is asleep in the bed next to me, Alauna is asleep on the airmattress, Hanse is asleep on the couch. I haven't slept a wink, It's 4 minutes to 8:00am. I regreat that I am going to need to wake up 1/2 the house soon- I have a Dr.'s apointment at 10:30 today- then CVS.

It is great to see friend but I could do with some sleep- It seems to late for that right now. I guess I am going to load the rest of the dishwasher, get a cup of coffee, I put another round of laungery into the wash. Then a stiff cup of coffee- Make a cup of tea for Alauna and some toast and fruit. A fresh pot of coffee on for me, Sean, Hanse but Sean is sleeping in.

8:10am- Now I think I should set the dishwasher off... get some coffee. Ok Dishwasher set off and I got a fresh cup of coffee for myself. Ok... I should get ready and think to maybe get my friend ready and let her know the options for today. I did want to post up more of my art. I will put in a sencond blog post after this one.  I hope to post more soon.

I will write more and spell check this blog post a bit latter.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a visit from a good friend

Seeing Alauna was so wonderful!! Nothing beats getting together with old friends. First Kathleen was visitting and that was wonderful, then Alauna last night and this morning, soon to see Kathleen and Kelly
Mirriam is also visting! It has been wonderful and still getting better.

Seeing Alauna was truly great not only is she a great friend but resenlty she went to Iran; long story short short she told me things about her trip as well as the people and culture that touched my heart. I got a whole new veiw of that country and a positive one at that.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

40? 60? 75? Guessing the sketchbook is still alive

I have spent part of my morning checking out The Sketchbook Project and I am trying to deside how much I should spend to join this project. This is the link to the cite  I am asking if others who have committed to this project what package is the best to try?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

art journal ideas that I saw that were good!

Record What's Close At Hand : Can't think of what to write about? How about what is in your pockets, or bag?

Draw your Resipies and you food

Scetch and tell the stories of your lucky charms or iteams

art in the "now"

Draw your life

I will write down more ideas latter that I have either seen or came up with myself. I did find a rocking art blog and contacted the artist hopping that I can pay him to draw a few things for me, I hope he isn't to pricey.

Monday, January 2, 2012

At last my 2012 Journal and some artwork

At long last! I made my first entery in the journal yesterday, I had been waitting till 2012 to start it. I did find however that I was unable to truly write anything of real substance. Not sure why, perhaps I can atribute it to new journal jitters. I also find I write more on my typewriter these days.

Damn handwriting still is not as artful as I would like. My right wrist still gives me trouble. The tremmors have become slightly less frequent but still I work at it. I have suffered seriouse injury to that wrist 3 times. Not to mention seeing that my right hand is my domanant hand; it's my shooting hand, and also when I fight that right wrist takes most of the contact abuse. Yet I am happy that it seems to be getting stronger day by day.

Though my handwriting still leaves something to be desired, I have taken up the habbit of writing block style and I dare say I can emulate other peoples handwriting very well. I have been practing fine moter skills by drawing more and also beading more. I am finding that my art has been desent boarder linning on good! I had taken up tracing art a few months ago to help steedy my hand but now I am back to drawing free hand :) Here are a few of my drawings although I do not trace my work I do look for artwork to either inspire or draw my own copy of.

I would enjoy feedback on them. I will need to post more a bit later in the day as well as spell check this post in a few hours. For now this will have to do, as I need to shower and get on with my days.   
Here are a few of the drawings I feel are good enough to post. 

raid my closet dress

Raid my Closet Dresses:


Sitting here smoking my electronic smoke stick- I am going to stick with it. Up early today- woke up at around 3am got a good enough start on the day, a touch lazy but good. I have errands to do today at South Point, and then today I have some enjoyable plans later today. I am meeting a new friend! I am happy that there are other interesting and brave people am ho are interested in making friends.

Speaking of friends I am lucky to have a few good people in my life that I call friends- sadly most of them are spread out across the country and even the globe. However I find as some of my friends do that it is hard to make friends at this this stage of our lives. I know good people from good family’s- college educated, advanced in their work and most are good looking but still it seems loneliness has gripped them too. Although it is I a comfort to think that I am not alone still it hurts my heart. Perhaps reaching out in my words will help others dealing with this same issue, maybe.

I am still can wrap my mind around the fact that it is the year 2012- wild. Alright I should shower and get dressed and get my day going.