Saturday, December 22, 2012

 want to do more of these things in my life:
1. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.
2. Compost.
3. Grow an edible/medicinal landscape = more basil and beans, less grass.
4. Buy local, organic and fair trade.
5. Use alternative energy.
6. Get to know neighbors, share.

So it has been a while since I had a chance to post but I am happy to say that since I posted last I have been doing more of those items I last spoke about. I just wanted to make a few notes. I have managed to do some of the things I set out to do. 

1. In regards to Recycle, Reduce, Reuse; I have been using more and more recycled and natural supplies in my art work. Also I have been washing out all the glass jars that I use and keep them as cups/bead storage/ flower vases.  
Little things like using old egg crates for paintingCereal boxes for scrapbook (thanks JennyBelly), keeping my other art journal on hand when I paint so that I can use the extra paint and not let it go to waist.
Reduce the amount of water Sean and I use by showering together, getting rid of the hot water, and the heat for that matter! Lot's of blankets at the moment. 

3. Grow an edible/medicinal landscape; Already planing out the spring garden- I would garden in the apt but the cats destroy it. 

4. Buy local, organic and fair trade; I always by locally when I can or by fair trade products that benefit   the needy or that donate to wounded warrior project. I <3 my farmers market!

6. Get to know neighbors, share; This is a big one, share anything from rides to food to clothing... you name it!  
Some of the 2012 Art book... just some sketches 

So I thought I would post a few pictures out of my 2010 journal- I recommend the electronic smoke stick! 

these are just bits and pieces from 2010 

The war spilled over into our lives into our beds ... 2010