Sunday, March 25, 2012

About to go Garden and Bless it as well!

About to go garden for a little time and Bless it as well- I am parshail to Fairy's and of everything good that the earth can give :)

a good day is one with a little dirt under ones nails :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So happy

I got the coolest package in the entire world today, from the talented Jennibellie! link to her blog  I need to e-mail her a thank you note and writer her a letter, but first I just had to post about it all!

I also give a 5 star rating on her Zine, link to Creative Juice  I Etst page to buy it! For real everyone who is into Zines this is a good one! 

At present I am working on a new package for her- she is so creative and the little details are so amazing. I wish I had her talent. I am already working on a 2nd package to send her- not to mention toughing in a few gifts. Her package was SO amazing.

I am really getting into this packet trades- especially over sea’s. I am working on one for my good friend Kathleen and for Jennibellie! As well as a kit for my friend Danny.

On that note is anyone interested in trading or making a Zine together or as a group?

As for the store we are doing well! Almost done- getting it show room ready. I am thinking this weekend will be our “yard” sale.



Friday, March 9, 2012

Etsy stuff and happy moments

I am excited! I reached a women who’s Zine I saw on Etsy that I now KNOW I am going to by! She and I are going to exchange art/smash/ect packets with one another! I am so excited! I am working on putting one together for her as we speak.

I have a lot more good news- I got a cpl Etsy purchases so I am excited AND I have even more to post on my/our shop!