Thursday, December 29, 2011

small snag in journal world...

So I have run into a problem with posting my journal page pictures. The ploblem is that although most of the content is alright for others to read but some parts are to personal to post. I will have to retake the photographs, and in the future be more mindful of my postings.

I truly do love this picture.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the morning passes into afternoon

So there is a prowler in my apt complex- basically behind my apt. I have been on high alert my 2nd round of suspicions... Aside from talking to the wonderful postal women who I have a friendly relationship with keeps me in the loop. I give here candy over Halloween, a little card a tip during Christmas, she gave me a card and keeps me in the loop about safety tips in the area. There has been more news... I got a message from the rental office and there was an attempted assault right on the trail behind my place where we walk our dog.

2 of my favorite things!

Watching Extreme coupons... I am trying to clip as many as I can and print off a bunch of things. Coupons are the jam. To be honest though some of the EXSTREME coupons people reck it for the rest of us. However I am clipping and printing away- not to mention the 2012 coupon book coming to me/us! Wow- so excited!

So got a bunch done today- the apt is clean! Heck ya! The bedroom I am working on, need to deposit money in the bank! Hit the post office, then hit Urban Outfitters to make some returns, world market returns, just doing the rounds. I am still working on the bedroom, cleaning and organizing. I guess I need to be getting to that now, I will blog more a bit later. My hope is to get my journals posted up- the issues that I am facing with that are of course editing photographed entries.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My shopping on Etsy

The holidays have been good to me. Although missing close friends back home and my own family, also the sad news of Wolf's death I still had a wonderful holiday with Sean's family. Surrounded by loved ones and friends- and a mountain of gifts. It has been wonderful.

I am also looking forwards to reseving a few purcheses I made on Etsy- Some beautiful handmade things! For very gifted and tallented women- I just had to post a cpl of pictures!
there was abnother dress I wanted but I was worried about the size. I will see how this fits. The women's Etsy cite can be found I did want to get down to busness interms of posting my journals.

Such a wonderful morning at the Kishbaugh's

Such a wonderful morning at the Kishbaugh's- Sean's father, brother,sister inlaw, Xena, and my love- and I just finished a wonderfull breakfast filled with presents, good food, laughter, and joy. Even though I get a touch quite and always feel a little silly They are all warn and welcomming. The day isn't even close to done, as we will be seeing Sean's Mom's side of the family around 3 and Holiday dinner at 4:30pm. <3 so happy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sitting in the Pasanger side

The way to California

waking up along the dessert road-

The ocean may have claimed my heart

but the dessert knows my name...

Beads- Beads- Beads- my collection to Traid or sell!

BEADS! I love to collect beads for so many different projects! I am always looking to buy new beads, sell beads, or better yet TRAID beads with other people that enjoy beading. I wanted to post up pictures of some of my beads and I am always looking for more or to traid! CONTACT ME! There are just to many to post them all


Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Travelling Gypsy - My handmade jewelry

The Travelling Gypsy:
I am going to be setting up an Etsy store soon to sell my hand made jewelry. A girl friend and I usually bead together her work is hemp I do more beading and string woven pieces. I thought I would post a few and see what people think. I usually have a stand at the flee market or on the Weaver St lawn in nice weather, but I think it is time to branch out more. I also have a HUGE collection of beads from all over the place and I have them for sale and you are more then welcome to commition a peice. Just e-mail me at 

2011 Journals


Journal A. 2011 I loved this journal it's back and frount cover were made of wood which was very different! Unfortunaly it didn't hold up and it broke, not good. The Black Key with the black, yellow, red, and black woven string was made by hand by me! I love making jewerly.

This was the second 2011 journal I used after the A. Broke I love this journal; espeshally the cover of it the photograph dose not do it justice. I am getting to the end of putting added pages in it.  

awaitting New ART

awaitting my new art peice comming to me in the mail!
here is a link to the artists Etsy shop if you like her work!

Lets Start to Talk

So I have decided to become more active with my blog.
I have decided that I am going to blog pictures of my journals and my art! Since I have been journaling since I was 12 years old and I am now 25 I have photographed & scanned only a few of my journals so far. I have year's worth so I am going to just post what I can when I can!

Some good photo's from 2011 & 2010
Music is life

Smoke Stick- love the elecronic & my Kill Bill Style Suit

Bohemian Gypsy

                                  My heart rests in the Ochean

Also a picture of my New Journal- I am holding off till the new years to write in it but here is a picture. IT is AMAZING beautiful one of a kind hand crafted leather journals made in Turkey! Link to the artist who made the journal it's from a collection called
TOTEMSCOLLECTION  this is just a link to an ebay page but scroll down and you see the TOTEMSCOLLECTION info
The gift is from wonderful man, Sean who got it for me as a holiday gift!

I am going to work on photographing my journals and get to posting! I would love to hear what others think!

Also Personal Friends & Blogs that I follow: I am still figuring out how to add you as followers so forgive the fact it is going to take some time!